Amending Forms W-2 and 941

Debbie Cash


About the Webinar

No one wants to have to amend tax forms but no matter how many precautions you take to avoid it, there will always be a time that you will need to do an amendment. This webinar will help you how to collect the information needed to complete Form W-2 corrections as well as file the amended 941 forms and any additional state and local tax filings.

This webinar will discuss specific types of errors found on form W-2 and guide how to make the necessary corrections. It will provide information on amending both current year and prior year corrections. Failure to properly amend corrected forms and payroll tax filings may result in additional tax, penalties, and interest. This webinar will help payroll departments avoid penalties and time-consuming responses to follow-up questions from the IRS and other taxing jurisdictions.

Key Topics covering Amendment of W-2s and 941s included in the webinar:

I. W-2 and W-3 Corrections

  1. Statute of Limitations on Corrections
  2. Timing to provide corrections to employees/SSA
  3. Correct forms to use

II. Corrections on Current Forms

  1. W-2C or Corrected W-2
  2. Adjustments to 941 and 940
  3. Timing to send out corrections and reports

III. Corrections to Common Errors for Prior Year Forms

  1. Employee Name Corrections
  2. Employee Address Corrections
  3. Multiple W-2 Forms Corrections
  4. Box 12 Entry corrections

IV. Federal Payroll Tax Form Amendments

  1. Form 941- Underpayments
  2. Form 941- Overpayments
  3. Form 940 Corrections

V. Other Considerations

  1. Overpaid FICA Taxes
  2. Correcting State Tax Forms
  3. Corrections to Local Taxes

Session Highlights:

  1. To determine when an amendment needs to be filed.
  2. To explore which fields to complete for the amendments.
  3. To identify what other amendment forms need to be filed.
  4. To review your documentation to properly file your amendments.

Why You Should Attend:

  • California Registered Tax Professional
  • HR Professionals
  • Human Resources Manager


Amending Forms W-2 and 941